Retail Clinics Visits 2007-09, in Pictures

Actually in one picture. And that picture suggests that the clinics business model looks a lot like what we imagine the Christmas Tree Shops business model must look like:

Retail Clinics Visit 2007-09

source: Visits To Retail Clinics Grew Fourfold From 2007 To 2009, Although Their Share Of Overall Outpatient Visits Remains Low, Ateev Mehrotra and Judith R. Lave, Health Affairs, August 2012

Vaccinations are rapidly becoming a staple of services provided by pharmacy chains – particularly, the very pharmacy chains that are home to two of the leading retail clinics operators. Those pharmacy chains’ store locations are much more numerous than their retail clinic locations, and will surely siphon off considerable vaccination visits from the retail clinics. So the visits growth line to focus on in the chart is the green ‘non-vaccine visits’ line. 

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